How to Apply for WPC-ETA Approval in India?

WPC-ETA Approval

If you want to apply for WPC-ETA (Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing) approval, you should submit specific documents and follow a step-by-step procedure. WPC certification is required for wireless products and it ensures that your product is high quality in functioning and prevents it from frequency insertion. It also maintains national security and gives access to the Indian market. Wireless items cannot be marketed in the Indian market without certification from the wireless planning and coordination wing. Let’s understand how you can obtain WPC-ETA approval in India. 

Which Documents are necessary to obtain WPC-ETA Certification? 

Well, documents that are necessary for WPC certification are different for foreign manufacturers and domestic manufacturers. For foreign product manufacturers, the application must designate an authorized Indian Representative or AIR. Another is that the brand must register as an AIR if the liaison branch is created and a foreign producing company must authorize an AIR to get an import license. 

Whereas for Indian Producing Companies, the company can file the WPC ETA without an AIR. some documents that are essential to have are technical specifications of the product, an authorized person’s ID, and address proof. Company GST registration copy, radio frequency test result, IEC in the event of the import, authorization letter, IEC in the event of import, a purchase order for the imported product, an online free receipt for an ASTM, EN, RoHS, or CE test report. 

Before applying for WPC certification and offering the products for sale in the Indian market, importers and manufacturers with wi-fi or Bluetooth need to secure a certificate of import authorization and WPC certification. 

As an applicant, you also have the technical data sheet on hand for verification. All devices must function on the designated delicensed frequency bands, and it is also necessary that all devices equipped with wireless capabilities be able to operate on the delicensed frequency bands.  

What are the steps to obtain WPC-ETA Certification? 

The first step of WPC-ETA certification is registering on the online portal of WPC. apply to the DOT website indicating the products you want to import to obtain a WPC license. You have to submit a self-declaration for each product you export, together with your application for a new ETA. Check if your equipment is included on the list of items exempt from WPC ETA approval, use your import ID for it. ETA approval and WPC license registration require an RF radio frequency test report from a recognized laboratory. Submit your required documents and pay the fee online. The certificate is issued for that specific product and importers can import wireless equipment into India. 


With the help of WPC-ETA certification, you can sell the products like wifi routers, wireless mouse, terminals, wireless speakers, wireless receivers, wireless drones, wireless pen drives, wireless plugs, wireless repeaters, wireless keyboards, walkie talkies, transmitters, wireless POS term, and many other products. It is important to complete all the documents and payment of fees with the submission of your application. 

WPC-ETA license is issued by the Department of Telecommunication’s wireless planning and coordination wing. WPC is organized with the New Technology Group, the Standing Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency Allocation, and licensing and regulation. Under Indian WPC certification the equipment type approval certificate, approval for experiments, dealer possession license, non-dealer possession license, and licenses to import radio devices. 

Your consumer needs good quality and high-performance products. As a manufacturer or importer you should obtain a WPC-ETA certificate to improve your business reach and expand it to a global audience. With the help of WPC-ETA certification, you can eliminate the issues regarding penalties. 

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