How To Start Export-Import Jewelry Business From India

The Indians’ heavy dependence on gold for many ceremonies, traditions, and monetary transactions Jewelry Business is to blame—a very invaluable possession. Jewelry Business Gold is a popular investment choice for Indians looking to secure their financial future. India’s hunger for gold is insatiable.

Most gold that enters and leaves India is in jewellery and coins. Gold jewellery exports have been proposed as a viable export business. This might be a successful business idea for an export firm since India’s demand for gold jewellery is consistently strong.

Is It Worth It To Export Gems And Jewelry From India?

Look at the following export statistics for gems and jewelry to get a sense of the industry’s potential for development. The total value of diamonds and jewellery export in FY2021 was US$25.30 billion. The total value of exports from this industry was estimated at $3.42 billion in March of 2021. Nearly three times as much jewellery and gemstones were exported from our country in May 2021 as in May 2020. This amounted to US$ 2.4 billion.

The total value of imports of gemstones was US$16.49 billion in the fiscal year 2021, while implications of gold jewellery brought in US$262.25 million between April 2020 and February 2021. The emergence of influential labels and retailers is a critical factor that will drive the gems and jewellery industry forward in the future—the growth of the structured market benefits from the presence of well-known brands.

Increasing competition from well-established brands has resulted in more design and product flexibility, and online fine jewellery sales are expected to reach 2% of the market by FY 2021-22. Furthermore, the gold import exemption would reduce stress in the business sector. Recent optimistic growth in the jewellery industry is expected to bolster diamond demand significantly.

Make A Strategy For Your Company

It helps assess the tasks and the plans for completing them. Financial planning, administration, daily expenditures, import/export fees, location fees, warehouse fees, transportation costs, labour costs, and many other factors should all be accounted for in your company strategy.

Pick A Place

Selecting a site for your export business is the next step. An area has to be near all major airports and seaports for exports. Having easy access to ports might help your business save money on shipping. It would help to have a safe place to keep your supplies and cash. You may find a thriving clientele among the area’s affluent and middle-class citizens. The locations of airports and ports often fall under this category. Picking a secure place for your company is crucial.

Get Your Money Moving By Opening A Bank Account

When importing or exporting gold, businesses will trade in various currencies in addition to Indian rupees. You must have access to a bank account accepting foreign currency transfers. Your company must prove ownership of the bill to the relevant authorities. In addition, be sure to finish specific necessary documentation for the importing and exporting procedures.

Relevant Paperwork

Before launching your gold jewellery export business, make sure you have the necessary licenses and permissions. Before beginning any import-export company, you must first get Import-Export Code Certification. A lawyer or agency might act as a mediator to assist you in completing the necessary paperwork.

Certificate For Export From The Bureau Of Indian Standards

The BIS hallmark is a globally recognized hallmark for gold and silver. It proves the metal’s authenticity, giving buyers complete satisfaction. The hallmarking system follows guidelines established by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Exporters of precious stones are strongly advised to get BIS certification for their wares before sending them outside.

Production Procedures

The next thing to do is to launch production. Once you have identified potential consumers and providers, the next step is to get an export order. We welcome either a pro forma invoice or a trial shipment. You’ll get orders after you’ve completed the task. Products may be purchased from manufacturers, or a production system might be set up. It is also crucial to do quality inspections before dispatching the package. So, ensure you have everything written down and the quality matches the paperwork.

Get Yourself A Foreign Exchange Bank Account

You should open a business bank account after establishing a physical presence for your company. You must have a foreign exchange bank account licensed and approved by the government. A company name is required when opening a business account.

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Can you tell me about the laws and regulations controlling the bringing in and sending of gold? Usually, certain limits and procedures must be obeyed when importing and exporting from a single nation involving a small number of high-value commodities. In India, there are specific guidelines for exporting and importing gold:

  • Individuals should bring 10 kg of gold (including jewellery) on a trip.
  • Gold in the form of coins or jewellery is prohibited from entry.
  • Imports of gold are authorized, but only for the express purpose of export.
  • Gold must enter the country via a customs-bonded warehouse.
  • A report detailing the final destination of each consignment of gold nuggets, together with accompanying documents, must be submitted by the importer to the excise duties office.
  • Pearls and other jewels are not allowed to be worn as jewellery.

Shipment And Dispatch

After receiving approval, you may begin shipping your goods overseas. Payment will be made upon the successful Shipment of your merchandise. Gold import and export is a high-risk venture that requires careful financial management.

How Does One Usually Go About Exporting Jewellery?

  • Choosing a Product
  • Choosing Your Market and Your Customers
  • Get an Order Placed for Export
  • Start the Production Process
  • Maintain Quality Control
  • Acquire a Certificate of Origin (CIO).
  • Get Shipment covered by Marine Insurance.
  • Shipment, please send to port
  • Clearing House Agent to handle Customs Clearance Formalities
  • Send all required paperwork to the bank and importer.
  • Earnings from Exports Realized
  • ECGC offers protection against credit risks.


Due to surging global demand and revolutionary changes in production methods, the gem and jewellery export industry is booming. Export data suggests a significant increase in interest in jewellery manufactured in India. Therefore, it is a perfect moment to enter this market and launch an export firm specializing in Indian gemstones and jewelry manufacturers.

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