Stranger Things Franchise – What to Expect, What Not To

Stranger things have undoubtedly changed the way we think about the adventurous world. Stranger Things is an American science fiction horror drama television series created by the Duffer Brothers for Netflix With over 7 million dollars of global collection, the series has proved itself to be a definite crowd-puller. The credit for success goes to the uncertain plot twists, engaging story play, well-aligned apparel, and all those actors who justified their roles in the series Netflix greenlights.

However, the show is now all set to set the world stage on fire with its upcoming season that we expect to see by the start of next year. However, one main thought that pops into our mind is, What will be the new changes and elements the show will bring? Well, to answer this query of yours, we have formed this ultimate guide. 

Keep on reading and the forthcoming content will elaborate on all the crucial information- letting you know what you should expect and what not to. So without any further ado, let’s jump right into the content. 

This Is The Ultimate Guide To All The Things We Can Expect From Strangers Things In The Upcoming Year

We will shed light upon different content pieces so that you can have a clear understanding of all the crucial parts. 

The Overview 

For all the new viewers out there it is essential, in fact, crucial for you to first have a basic overview of the series to understand the predictions better. Stranger Things is an American science fiction horror tv series that is created by the famous Duffer brothers who are also executive producers of the show. The plot is set in the fictional town of Hawkins in 1980 which is invaded by a group of troubles. 

It all started in the fictional town of Hawkins when people in the national laboratory performed some random experiments related to paranormal and supernatural elements with a real human as a test subject. Hence a portal to an alternate world is created known as the Upside Down. Soon after, the real world started to get affected by the Upside universe. A group of children finds a random girl in the woods and decides to help her out with all their humanistic powers, leading us to the main plot. 

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There have been 4 seasons online so far that have focussed on different aspects of the shoes with the same characters getting shuffled between their personality colors in the show. However, the news is that the forthcoming season will air at the start of 2024 and we are all excited about it. Now, let’s see some of the expert predictions that we expect to see in the upcoming season.

What to Expect from the Upcoming Season of Stranger Things 

1. Expansion To New Territories

We all know that the basic plot of this amazing series revolves around the small town of Hawkins with a wide potential for expansion. And that is exactly what we expect to see in the future. According to the news, There are high chances of spin-offs where you might get to see characters’ personalities going under major transformation.

In addition, we have also seen that the new portals had opened by the end of season 4. It may result in characters reaching up to new places via portals and unleashing some crazy things, encountering unrealistic situations during the whole span. 

2. The Growth and Development in Character’s Personalities 

Stranger Things is best known for its unique storyline that is depicted through its characters. As the franchise progresses, we are expecting to see some further character developments in the genres of emotional to personal journey. 

In addition, some new characters might jump into the scene reflecting their sense of dealing with the situations

3. The Costume Changes 

Stranger Things has focussed hard on the character’s apparel throughout the show run. The designers have played smart by aligning all the stranger things jacket with the personality of the actors.

As far as the future is concerned, we expect to see an expansion in the style of all the characters. As the season will air online in the middle of the year, we can expect to see some summer outfits in addition to fantastic winter clothing pieces. 


On the bottom line, stranger things have been talked of in the town since its birth till the date. The series was successful in collecting 7 million dollars from all across the globe, all thanks to the twisted plot, uncertain twists, and all the apparel endorsed by the character in the series. 

Stranger Things seasons 1-4 are now streaming worldwide on Netflix

The same is why, there has been a loud hustle and bustle about the upcoming season. The content above is an ultimate guide about what you can expect from the series in the future. So make sure to read it from start to finish, rest we hope a quick come of the new series Stranger Things’ franchise

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