What are the Main Functions of Estimating in the Construction Industry?

Estimating has now become the central part of the Construction Industry. The whole construction project is now dependent on the accuracy of the estimates. If we talk about building a residential, commercial, or industrial building. There are two main types of cost. The initial expenses of getting everything built and the expenses of running the building afterward. What does the initial cost include? It can be for buying the property, doing the planning thing, buying construction materials., labor expenses, and other important ones. Moreover, insurance and tax costs are also included at the end. This means that the costs add up quickly and it is the biggest part of the total building expense.

The expenses of the building increase and it keeps going on. But what is the foundation of all this? It all depends on the very first step. The phase in which the whole cost estimation process is performed. It is essential to accurately measure and calculate the items and their cost per unit. The main function of these precise estimates in the construction industry is to keep things within budget. If the construction cost exceeds the client’s budget. This will be the hardest and worst thing to handle. If the project owner does not have an extra budget for construction. What will happen? There will be huge delays! That is why it is a must to handle the estimation process from professionals.

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What are Cost Estimating Approaches?

Construction Cost estimating is the biggest part of project management. It helps to determine the predicted cost of a project at multiple stages. The cost can be analyzed on the basis of available data. Who does that? It is performed by cost engineers or estimators. They use engineering rules and scientific principles to estimate costs and control them. Then generate profits out of them! There are multiple approaches to cost estimation in the construction industry. One such is product function. That relates the output of a process to the resources needed. The size of the building and the labor required to work on that project is the production function.

The second one is empirical cost interference. In this method, the statistical technique is used to relate the cost. In unit costs, the sum of the products of quantities and unit cost is performed. Then comes the joint cost. It is allocated based on existing accounts. In short, these all approaches are used to predict precise costs. The professionals make sure the cost is financially viable.

What are the Main Functions of Estimating?

A construction cost estimate serves one of the three basic functions: design, bid, and control.

Design Estimates

There are multiple types of design estimates used to track the progress of the design. In the initial phase, a screening estimate is made before the facility is designed. This relies totally on the cost data from similar projects. The design estimate includes the expected amounts for the contractor’s overhead and profits.

For example, if the bridge construction cost is required. As the bridge type is chosen. The preliminary estimate is made that is based on the layout of the bridge. After that, the detailed estimate is then built as more important details progress. In the end, the estimators generate cost estimates by using this information and their knowledge.

Bid Estimates

Bid estimates are the most essential thing for the contractors. Because it depends on these estimates whether they win or lose a project. They use multiple strategies to produce accurate estimates. The construction projects also involve subcontractors for price quotes. If the GC is doing all the construction work, they base their bid estimate on the client’s project plans. Like they look at the cost of particular materials or tasks in data publications. This helps them to estimate accurately.

Control Estimates

Control Estimates are best for both the owner and the contractor. So that the cost is managed efficiently during the construction project. The property owner demands a budget estimate in the initial plan of financing. With the progress of the construction process, the budgeted cost is also updated by the estimators. For contractors, the bid estimate serves as the budget estimate. That is used to cut costs or control it.


Estimating in the construction industry is not that easy thing to handle. If the person has expertise and knows smart methods. Only that is capable of generating accurate estimates. An ordinary person who lacks in having knowledge of engineering and estimating software. They have to hire an estimating company to fulfill the project’s needs. If an estimate is off, it can cause big issues for the project and even for the company itself. If you are starting a new construction project then do not take the risk of predicting cost by yourself.

The estimating professionals have access to multiple estimation software. By using modern tech, a fine accuracy level is achieved. For that, the best recommendation is SMA Estimating LLC. Their main priority is to satisfy their clients with spot-on accuracy. So, you can rely on them without having a second thought.

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