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Wars are known to change the world and no matter who wins humanity always loses out. flight deals  Some associate wars with jingoism while others justify it in the name of self-protection. However, in case of aggression you have no option but to defend yourself. At the end of every war, the victors glorify themselves and demonize the losers. The Civil War in the middle of the 19th century was one such war between some states in the North who called themselves Unionists and southern states who called themselves Confederate. This war saw millions dead and Americans changed forever, creating a peaceful country. In the 1860s a day was organized to remember those who sacrificed their lives and was called the decoration day. Nowadays the name of the day has changed and a number of airlines will have Memorial Day flight deals for you. The new name was given to this day after the world wars that the USA had to go through, remembering all those who died in all wars to date and not just one particular war.

A day to show respect

The old name Decoration Day was chosen, because people laid flowers and wreaths on the graves of soldiers in the cemeteries. This tradition continues to this date and some people even place some flags above these graves nowadays. This day was celebrated on May 30 in some states while others celebrated it on a different date. In the late 1960s, the government decided to have some federal holidays on Mondays, to give the general public some 3-day weekends. Now you will have Memorial Day celebrations on the last Monday of May which will be on the 27th of May this year, 2024. You can use this time to catch Memorial Day flights, to travel to the states where celebrations are being held on a grand scale or to join your family on this day or to travel to a destination, you have wanted to go for some time.

One way to celebrate this day

Different states and different people celebrate it differently. If you have family members in the armed forces or someone from your family or your neighborhood has died in any war, you will appreciate this break more. The government and some communities organize parades on this day and veterans come forward to remind everyone of their comrades who fought alongside them and died protecting the nation. You can expect speeches from them and senior political figures. You will be able to find Memorial Day travel deals around this day and these will either be for dates around this day or for some time in the coming months. The members of the armed forces and veterans are offered some discounts and benefits by most major airlines and around this day you may get even more of these.

Another way to celebrate this day

A large number of families on this day hold barbecue lunches and the sales for all related items go up. You can even attend church services together now that you all have some time together remembering those who laid their lives so you can stay safe and secure. This day is not to be confused with Veterans Day, which is meant to recognize the efforts of all soldiers living or dead. On this day a minute’s silence is observed at a definite time across the entire country, even on the cheap flights on Memorial Day weekend. Some families even use this time to travel together to destinations of their choice in the country or abroad. If you can catch a flight on Friday evening or early Saturday morning, you will have more time to spend at the destination of your choice.

From one season into another

This day also signifies the start of summer, as the weather changes around you. Now that the days are longer and there is more sunshine, you will need a break to adapt to the changing seasons. If you don’t have a large budget you will be looking forward to the Memorial Day airfare sale. And once you get to the airport, the large crowds will make you realize that you are not the only one after these flights. Airports are busier than usual whenever there are 3-day breaks and you will be able to do what you haven’t been able to for some time.

The tradition continues

Wearing poppies also became a tradition around the Western nations on days similar to this day, often called Remembrance Day. Only poppy grew on the lands where the soldiers died, so a positive for everyone to take. These are often sold by charities to benefit those who have suffered due to wars around the world. Ideally, you should go ahead with air tickets booking some months in advance, and some even more months in case of international flights to ensure their availability. Once you are inside the aircraft, you will find the stewards and air hostesses wearing poppies. You may even wonder why they are working when everyone is on a break. If you ask them, they will tell you they are celebrating it, they will tell you that they are celebrating it with you, above 30,000 feet.

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